St. Helen's Farm

Welcome to St Helen’s Farm. Like our owners, you have to be goat-crazy to work here.

Angus & Kathleen fell for all things goat nearly 40 years ago, lovingly building their business in the stunning Vale of York. They founded the brand before goat’s milk was really a thing people knew about, and now we’re the UK’s favourite goat’s milk dairy.

The values we live by

St Helen’s is a family-owned and run farm where we do everything with integrity. We’re respectful to our goats, who make all this possible, to people and the planet. As an independent business, our thinking is as fresh as our milk. We make our products with less intervention, for way less impact all round. When it comes to development, new ideas are never far from our minds. We know how rewarding goat’s milky dairy is, we want the rewards to keep flowing. So, we always go above and beyond for our goats’, and our customers.

Being Independent

Farmed like only family can

We’re independent and proud of it. And doing things our own way means we can do them right. St Helen’s Farm goats get a deliciously balanced diet of silage made from grass and red clover, straight from our Yorkshire farmland. This super-nutritious feed keeps them in top health and our milk tasting fresh, clean and milder than other brands. Speaking of milk, we chill ours to 2°C within just 5 minutes of milking, and pack our milk daily, so it finds its way to you fresher than fresh.

Investing in Our Community

Doing good beyond your gut

We believe running a business and giving back go hand in hand (or hoof in hoof). We support our local community by donating to charities, causes and organisations close to the hearts of those here at St Helen’s Farm. We like to think it’s an extra reward for their hard work, and lets us listen and learn more about the amazing community around us.

The people

Back in the family for good

After selling the dairy to a large corporate company in 2013, our original owners Angus & Kathleen took the dairy back in 2021. They had begun the business 36 years previously and Angus said at the time: “Now we can go back to managing everything from the goat’s to producing the best goat’s milk products possible. The brand is built on quality and taste, which is why it’s so loved. We love serving our loyal consumers and bringing even more into goat’s milk dairy.”
Today, our goat’s have the happy lives they deserve, and we’re keeping St Helen’s Farm in the family for good.

Meet our goats

There’s a special breed behind our delicious dairy. Yep, St Helen’s Farm is home to the Yorkshire Dairy Goat, a new kind of goat officially recognised in 2017. These characters are a hybrid between 3 breeds, which just happen to be the best ones. Individually, they produce the highest-quality milk going, with tonnes of personality too, so just imagine how extraordinary a goat with all those qualities must be?

This breed boasts a sleek black coat with white markings, and an aristocratic air to match. That’s right, unlike the other two, these creatures carry themselves with a more detached sense of decorum. Causing mischief is beneath them, the snobs.

With their recognisable white colour, these animals tend to be quite quiet and placid. But don’t go thinking they’re not smart, they’re super intelligent and inquisitive, showing plenty of affection too. They also have a reputation for producing consistently high-quality milk.

Spotted by their brown colour and unique white markings, these are the most daring and mischievous of our breeds. With oodles of character and personality, life’s never dull with these goat's around.