Sublime taste sustainably made

We strive to do the right thing by our goats, farmers, customers, the environment and communities we’re part of.

For us, a sustainable future lies in regenerative and inter-connected systems – a circular economy. We’re doing all we can to make that happen, here on our farms, in how we supply our products and in the ways we limit our impact on the bigger picture.

We’ve been doing things sustainably and regeneratively for many years. Long before it was fashionable. However we still actively try and find even better ways to farm and produce our products.

On the farm

working in harmony

We work in harmony with the nature we’re lucky to have around us – rotating crops, leaving wildflower margins and minimising the use of fertilisers.

Over the years, we have installed wind turbines, solar panels and biomass boilers, reducing our emissions and environmental impact where we can. Because of our long-term commitment to green power generation on our farms and sites, we are a net contributor of electricity to the national grid. Of course, as responsible farmers, we produce a large quantity of the feed for our goats on our own farms as well, minimising food miles where we can.

We’re also progressive, raising the bar for our goats’ welfare through best practices which we share with our partner farms, while embracing modern technologies and training, that will minimise our impact for future generations.

Our products

Doing our bit

We’re always looking at ways to reduce waste, energy use and packaging where we can. For example, we just ditched the plastic lid from our yogurt pots, taking 1.6 million pieces of plastic out of action. We’ve also just switched our pots to a new design made with 30% recycled material, and improved the foil lid to be more resilient without having to resort to non-recyclable plastic as some other brands do. Our yogurt pots and lids are 100% recyclable.

Right now, our milk cartons are made from wood fibre, which aren’t only a renewable resource, they’re easier to transport and store, meaning far less deliveries out on the road. They’re also widely included in local bring-bank schemes.

St Helens Farm Goat’s Milk is packed in Pure-Pak® cartons, which can live on long after your milk’s poured.
All the materials used in the packaging are ready to be remanufactured into a range of products, from cardboard tubes to composite decking, or new packaging for your instant hot chocolate or gravy.

Our cartons are widely recycled, you can check your local kerbside collection status here and find out more about ACE recycling and how the cartons are given a new life in the video below.

New tethered caps

A new EU directive on single-use plastics requires all single-use beverage packaging to be using tethered caps by July 2024. This is to ensure that the caps are disposed of and recycled along with the rest of the pack.

St Helen’s Farm goat’s milk have made the change as of February 2024 to help reduce inputs of plastic container closures and lids into the environment.

We continue to pack our delicious goat’s milk in Pure-Pak cartons which already contain less plastic than traditional plastic milk bottles and this new cap is one of the lightest available, helping to further reduce the use of plastics.

The new cap has been designed in such a way that the cap remains attached to the spout to prevent it getting lost during the usage and recycling process.

Life of a beverage carton

Our cartons are widely recycled, you can check your local kerbside collection status at Recycling – Ace UK ( and find out more about ACE recycling and how the cartons are given a new life in the video below.