Deliciously different

Meet our multi-award winning products

From our family farm to your family fridge

Goat's Milk

Great-tasting and gut-friendly goat’s milk.

Goat's Milk Yogurt

Simply delicious bio-live goat's milk yogurt
Goat's Cheese Product Image

Goat's Cheese

Expertly crafted cheddar-style goat's cheese

Goat's Butter

Famously smooth and creamy goat’s butter.

When it comes to milk goodness, it doesn’t get better than goat.

Here at St Helen’s Farm, we make the best in the business. When you fill your fridge with our milk, cheese, butter or yogurt, you fill your life with deliciously different dairy. Tasty, natural produce made without meddling, for more purity, more positive effects on people, and less negative impact on the planet. All so you can make the most feel-good choice. Go goat.

Why goat's milk?
Our People

Farmed like only family can.

St Helen’s Farm is family owned and family run. For nearly 40 years, Angus and Kathleen have championed all the good goat products can do, growing us into the most successful goat’s milk dairy in the UK. We live by a belief that healthy, happy goats = healthy, happy you. That means our goats’ get the best things in life, so our customers can too.
We’re also proud to partner with family farms who share our philosophy in Yorkshire and the North Midlands, making our like-minded community like family too.

Our Farm
Farming Methods

Our goats live the good life.

We never get tired of these mischievous creatures, even after working with them for so many years. We keep our goats’ happy and dry in big, open barns, and that’s just how they like it, hanging out with plenty of fresh air, light and things to climb on. Our goats’ wellbeing is always top of our list, so we run everything on the farm to the highest level of hygiene, safety and environmental practice possible. We are proud that all of our farms are independently audited by Red Tractor, the UK’s most trusted farm assurance scheme. Meet our goats’ here.

Our Farm

Milk done right.

Sustainability isn’t a box to be ticked around here. We strive to do the right thing by our goats, farmers, customers, consumers, communities and the planet. For us, a sustainable future is all about getting back to a circular economy. Check out the whole story on how we’re making that happen at St Helen’s Farm here.