St Helens Farm Natural Gentle Goats Milk Yogurt 450g

Natural Gentle Goats Milk Yogurt


St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk yogurt is produced with Yorkshire pride from our home in the beautiful Vale or York.

Our bio-live and gut-friendly yogurt is bursting with vitamins, minerals and packed with prebiotics.


A beautifully fresh and luxuriously creamy yogurt.


A gut-friendly and bio-live yogurt that’s packed with prebiotics.


Bursting with goodness from essential vitamins and minerals.

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All the key information you need, including calories, protein and fat – exactly what we print on the packaging.


Take your morning granola to the next level with our luxuriously thick and creamy natural goats milk yogurt.

Blueberry and Chia Layered Yogurt Recipe St Helens Farm


This gut-friendly and bio live yogurt is packed with 4x more prebiotics than cows’ milk.

Made from goats' milk this yogurt contains important nutrients that support good gut health and the normal function of your immune system.

Typically it contains less lactose than cows' milk, which may help to explain why some people who experience sensitivity to lactose can enjoy goats' milk.

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We use two litres of goats’ milk for every litre of yogurt to create it’s famously thick and creamy texture.

With all that goodness packed to every spoonful, perhaps it’s no wonder we’re Britain's favourite goats’ milk yogurt brand.

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“Absolutely love this yoghurt! It has a lovely, thick creamy texture which makes it seem luxurious and indulgent. It has a gorgeous tangy & refreshing flavour and made a brilliant accompaniment to my breakfast granola.””


Our yogurt is bio-live as the health-promoting bacteria we add to make our yogurt are still live and active.

There are four cultures in our yogurt. Two are traditionally found in most yogurts: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

We also add Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis cultures. These are 'friendly' bacteria that help balance the gut's flora.

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100% Recyclable

Our yogurt packaging is now 100% recyclable.

But we’re not stopping there, we’ve also removed the plastic lid from our yogurt pots. This small step makes a staggering difference - it’s removed 5 tonnes of plastic from our production a year.

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High Protein

Goats milk yogurt is a source of protein but can’t guarantee a six pack – goodness knows we’ve tried.

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Blueberry and Chia Layered Yogurt

Our Blueberry and Chia Layered Yogurts are a delicious dessert perfect for the summer months!

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