New tethered caps on all St Helen’s Farm goat’s milk cartons

Plastic bottle lids are one of the most common items of litter found across the UK, which become a hazard for wildlife.

Every week, UK households throw nearly two billion pieces of plastic packaging away. Just 12% is recycled in the UK, so to help the war on plastic we have introduced tethered caps to our milk cartons.

Having tethered caps means there is far less chance of the plastic cap being unrecycled or becoming litter, as it ensures that the caps are disposed of and recycled along with the rest of the pack. It also makes it easier for you to recycle the carton and lid together. A small act for a better planet.

St Helen’s Farm goat’s milk have made the change as of February 2024 to help reduce inputs of plastic container closures and lids into the environment.

We continue to pack our delicious goat’s milk in Pure-Pak cartons which already contain less plastic than traditional plastic milk bottles and this new cap is one of the lightest available, helping to further reduce the use of plastics.

The new cap has been designed in such a way that the cap remains attached to the spout to prevent it getting lost during the usage and recycling process.



Our cartons are widely recycled, you can check your local kerbside collection status at Recycling – Ace UK ( and find out more about ACE recycling and how the cartons are given a new life in the video below.



Find out more on our sustainability page.