St Helens Farm Mature Goats Cheese 170g

Mature Goats Cheese


St Helen’s Farm Mature Goats’ Cheese is typically matured for twelve months to develop its award-winning, complex and nutty flavour.


Expertly created for its award-winning, complex, and nutty flavour.

Hand Crafted

Hand-crafted, traditional cheddar-style goats’ cheese.

Brilliantly Versatile

Perfect for baking, grating and sandwich making.

Product Details

All the key information you need, including calories, protein and fat – exactly what we print on the packaging.

Expertly Crafted

Our delicious hard goats' cheese is hand-crafted through the traditional 'cheddaring' process.

Producing cheese is a very skilled craft. Therefore, we send our fresh goats' milk to a specialist cheesemaker in the beautiful rolling hills of Lancashire.

The daily routine of milking, 'cheddaring', maturing and grading continues in much the same way it has for generations.

Handcrafted cheese Dairy 130 2mb


This cheddar-style hard goats’ cheese is incredibly versatile making it perfect for slicing, grating and cooking! Discover some our favourite recipes below.

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