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Goats Butter


St Helen’s Farm goats’ butter is churned in our dairy. Goats’ cream is churned to release the butter milk and leaves us with our award-winning rich and creamy butter. Our butter is fantastic for all the usual things you’d expect – enjoy it on toast, for making a crumble or baking a cake.


Award-winning rich and creamy butter.

Wonderfully Versatile

Enjoy it on toast, for making a crumble or baking a cake.

Gently Churned

Produced by a natural and time-old process of gentle churning.

Product Details

All the key information you need, including calories, protein and fat – exactly what we print on the packaging.

Famously Rich And Creamy

There is an art to making it the best butter in the land; it begins with the gentle churning of cream, slowly separating it from the goats' buttermilk.

This natural and time-old process creates our famously rich and creamy goats' butter.

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“This is a really great tasting butter, smooth and creamy. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”
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