Is your packaging recyclable?

We have taken steps to improve recyclability and reduce the amount of plastic in many of our products. Changes to our 100% recyclable cartons have helped to reduce plastic by 5 tonnes annually.


Our milk cartons are widely recycled. To discover if food and drink cartons are collected with your household recycling, visit Recycle Now.


We've recently moved or are moving to 100% recyclable material for all our yogurts and are minimising the amount of packaging we use.


While not recyclable, our current cheese packaging offers better barrier protections to our products, thus extending their shelf life and reducing food waste, which is essential to minimising the nation's carbon footprint. However, we will continue to assess this over the coming year, monitoring developments of packaging suppliers and working with supermarkets to ensure our products meet consumer needs and minimise the impact on our planet.


This packaging is not yet widely recycled.